Ellingham Hall Logo, which reads 'Norfolk since 1795'.

Ellingham Hall

An historic Georgian country house in Norfolk.

Our traditional organic farm provides the produce for the English cuisine served at the Frontline Club.

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From February to June, we offer excellent simulated game shooting with clays. Simulated shoots are a perfect way for teams to meet out of season.

We have a range of packages depending on the number of clays launched.

Our full-day shoots include lunch and we have a gun bus.

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Ellingham Hall offers:

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Ellingham Hall is a working farm that uses traditional, organic farming methods to grow raspberries, wineberries and asparagus and to raise free range pigs and sheep.

The Ellingham Hall British Grown label

Look for the Ellingham HallĀ British Grown label, or buy directly from our farm.

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